Starting a Nonprofit – Flat Fee Service

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For people who plan to fundraise or contribute to a charitable cause, starting a nonprofit organization offers some of the most powerful advantages available to any organization in the United States. However, those advantages come at a cost: compliance with both federal and state tax codes, as well as formation according to your specific nonprofit’s needs, requires a high level of experience with nonprofit organizations.

At the Law Offices of James M. Johnston, Jr. PLLC, our Waco business law attorney offers our clients a flat fee package to provide them with years of legal experience and priceless guidance. For first-time founders and experienced charities alike, flat fee arrangements provide you with a clear budget to meet your nonprofit’s needs. Get your questions answered and your goals met without adding unplanned spending to your budget.

What Our Service Provides for You

Hiring our business lawyer to create your nonprofit organization offers a wide variety of benefits. The primary advantage we offer is a simple and easy experience from start to finish: we handle all paperwork, compliance issues, registrations, and policy drafting according to your needs and goals.

Your nonprofit formation package could include:

  • Drafting articles of incorporation according to 501(c)(3) requirements
  • Drafting bylaws to reflect and protect your ideal governance structures
  • Drafting policies regarding conflict of interest, gift acceptance, fundraising, and more
  • Drafting the IRS exemption application and related documentation
  • Filing all documents by their respective deadlines with necessary organizations and states
  • Proactively protecting your nonprofit from current and future roadblocks
  • And much, much more.

All that’s needed to begin is an initial consultation. Once we understand the purpose, goals, and budget of your nonprofit organization in detail, our Waco business law attorney can provide you with a fixed fee upfront. The fee amount will depend on the scope and nature of your planned activities, as well as the number of states you plan on fundraising in. Whatever your needs, the Law Offices of James M. Johnston, Jr. PLLC is ready to meet them.

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