Legal Services for Franchisees

How Can a Franchise Lawyer Help Me?

We counsel franchisee clients in transactional matters and dispute resolution. Our managing partner has represented franchisors for many years and this gives us unique insight into what will work and what won't work. More specifically, it allows us to better understand and foresee issues and potential solutions that others might miss - and gives us a better opportunity to preserve the franchise relationship if that is the desired result.

Our experienced franchise law attorney from Waco, Texas, can help - no matter where your business is located.

Problems Understanding the Documents?

Becoming a franchisee requires a substantial investment and the execution of many contracts. All of these contracts will favor the franchisor but some will be more balanced than others. Only an experienced franchise attorney can tell the difference and our managing partner has drafted and reviewed hundreds of franchise agreements. You should not buy a franchise without having the contracts reviewed by a franchise lawyer.

Our firm assists franchisees in the following transactional matters:

  • Reviewing the FDD and agreements
  • Due diligence and evaluating your investment
  • Creating LLCs and corporations
  • Reviewing and negotiating your agreements
  • Selling your franchise to a third party
  • Negotiating third-party agreements

Having Problems with Your Franchisor?

Buying and operating a franchise requires a substantial investment of time and money. Sometimes things go wrong and threaten this investment. If they do, and you end up in a dispute with your franchisor, we can help. Most franchisors do not want to litigate with its franchisees but sometimes disagreements occur and if they do you can bet your franchisor has the contractual language on its side. And, your franchisor probably has franchise legal representation as well. So, in order to have a fighting chance at an acceptable resolution you should have an experienced franchise lawyer on your side.

For comprehensive legal help for franchisees, contact the Law Offices of James M. Johnston, Jr. PLLC in Waco, TX to schedule your complimentary case consultation.