Assistance with Multi-Unit Franchising

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More complicated than single-unit franchising, where a simple relationship between franchisor and franchisee exists and an owner/operator runs a sole franchise location, multi-unit franchising is less common and involves multiple locations.

Granting a franchisee the right to open and operate in multiple locations require agreements specific to each area. These may include:

  • Area development agreements
  • Area representative agreements

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Area Development vs. Area Representative Agreements

There are key differences between multi-unit franchising agreements and deciding which is best for your situation is paramount to creating a lasting relationship that works for you, your brand, and your investment.

Area development agreements, for example, allow franchisees to open a specified number of franchise locations, in a specific geographic region, within a set time. Area representative agreements, on the other hand, grant a franchisee the right to sell franchises within a specific area, in addition to owning and operating the units.

Because of this, area representative agreements are also known as “master franchise agreements” and allow franchisees to have the some of the same rights, responsibilities, and advantages of the primary franchisor, only limited to a specific area.

Assistance with Your Multi-Unit Franchising Agreements

From initially developing and drafting agreements to structuring a multi-unit franchise, our firm has the experience and knowledge to guide franchisors through any negotiations, compliance issues, and acquisitions to protect your brand investment.

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