Outside General Counsel Services

Acting as General Counsel to Franchisors

Our legal services include acting as outside general counsel to small and medium-sized franchisors. This arrangement gives franchisors nationwide the ability to have an ongoing attorney-client relationship with a franchise lawyer who really understands the franchise system - without the cost involved in hiring an attorney to work in-house as an employee. Our managing partner previously served as in-house counsel for multiple franchise companies for over 20 years, he has been an owner in many franchise companies, and he knows what franchise companies need to do to protect assets, maximize profits, and otherwise run in an efficient and cost-effective manner. If in-house counsel is unaffordable, or otherwise doesn't make sense for you, we can help. If your current arrangement with outside counsel is cost-prohibitive, or is otherwise not working, we can help. We will not tell you all the reasons you can't do something. Instead, we will get to know you, your business, the factors influencing your decision-making, and we will focus on finding solutions for your everyday legal needs.

This includes all aspects of managing your legal needs, such as:

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Cost-Effective Ongoing Legal Advice

Our outside general counsel services offer franchisors a cost-effective solution over keeping a full-time in-house legal staff. We are on call to advise and serve when needed on routine business transactions, franchise law needs, and other issues critical to your business. Whether you need assistance with starting up a franchise company, selling a franchise company, or any legal issue in between, the Law Offices of James M. Johnston, Jr. PLLC always keeps your goals in mind. Our franchise lawyer takes the time to get to know you, working hard to make sure that your needs and goals are always a priority.

Outside General Counsel Plans

At the Law Offices of James M. Johnston, Jr. PLLC, we keep our overhead costs low and pass this savings onto our clients. This means that you get thorough representation without the high legal fees every time you need our outside general counsel services. Our flat rate outside general counsel services give small and medium-sized franchisors the power to better budget their monthly legal spend and various legal projects.

We currently offer the four plans described below:

Terms of Service: Monthly charges are auto-billed to your credit card. You can adjust plans up or down based on your needs. Cancel at any time. Unused hours do not carry over into the next month.

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