Selling Your Franchise

Realizing Your Investment

A franchise company is a great investment for private equity if it has a steady cash flow, a skilled workforce, and a talented management team. Because of this, and because it does not cost a great deal to add more franchise units, profit growth is relatively easy, especially when a franchise company has managed to create a profitable royalty stream.

Because you have invested in laying the profitable foundations, your business is a prime candidate to scale.

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Risks of Private Equity Acquisitions

There are potential risks to acquirers, those who have been acquired, and franchisees. To help avoid potential pitfalls, complete confidentiality is paramount until paperwork is signed and the deal is finalized. While this focus on complete discretion is important, it can greatly hinder the buyer’s access to knowledge and learning about the system and its viability.

In addition, the amount of agreements that need to be drafted and signed require an incredible amount of trust, any breach of which can lead to the deal falling through and your franchise system being seen in a less than favorable light by potential buyers.

Are You Considering an Exit Strategy?

Franchisors greatly benefit from our firm’s experience in skillfully navigating the potential pitfalls of selling your franchise system.

Are you considering any of the following? Seek the assistance of our nationwide franchise lawyer:

  • Family investment
  • Private equity firm
  • Another investor
  • Another exit strategy

Our legal team is dedicated to seeing that your returns are as high as possible. We look closely at the health, scalability, and worth of the system years ahead of any exit strategies being put in place to make sure future deals are as strong as possible and that any deals do not fall through. We provide a high-level of diligence to franchisors nationwide.

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