System Reviews & Regular Check-Ups for Franchisors

Our Franchise Lawyer Helps Businesses Nationwide

Keeping your business current and your goals up-to-date are important for owning and operating a successful franchise company. Periodic reviews and check-ups can help you plan for the future and ensure that performance and compliance issues are promptly addressed.

Reviewing your franchise company can also help you do the following:

  • Find and address any potential problems or challenges
  • Learn how your franchise stands up to your competitors
  • Discover opportunities for improvement on your investment
  • Address your priorities and concerns
  • Help keep your franchise company running efficiently, keeping profits in mind

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Benefits for Well-Established Franchisors

At our firm, we keep overhead costs low and pass that savings onto our clients. This means that both established and emerging franchisors benefit from cost-effective representation and advice in their system reviews and franchise check-ups.

We look at all your documents and meet with your financial officers, senior officers, and management personnel to help you revise or devise a plan to move forward and grow your business.

Our legal team can also review your business’s operation to check for compliance issues and performance matters. By providing in-depth reviews, we can help strengthen your agreements and ensure that your Franchise Disclosure Documents are friendly to all parties involved, including lenders, potential franchisees, and other examiners.

Keeping Ahead of Your Competition

Regular franchise check-ups can discover what your competitors are doing, how they are performing in specific markets, and how your franchise can compete. This can help ensure that you are not losing profits to similar businesses in the same region or market.

Providing a thorough analysis means that the Law Offices of James M. Johnston, Jr. PLLC gets to know your business and can work with you far into the future. We want to see your franchise grow while making sure you keep ahead of your competitors, no matter what your business or product may be.

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