Training & Compliance Programs

Our Franchise Law Attorney Helps Your Franchise Company

An important issue for any franchisor is making sure that management and other employees have a thorough training and compliance program in place. This is not only critical to protect the integrity of your brand, but helps you create a lasting and consistent impression across all your franchise locations.

Any employee with responsibilities should undergo training. The Law Offices of James M. Johnston, Jr. PLLC can help you create a program that keeps your best interests in mind. Contact our franchise lawyer today to learn more.

Adequate Training Is Essential

Because multiple issues can occur with your franchise company, especially in this day and age, having a training program in place can help you avoid costly litigation later on.

This includes:

  • Setting standards for disclosure
  • Transparency in earnings and financial issues
  • Setting safety and work standards
  • Preventing other legal claims

There are numerous federal and state laws that can create a complicated environment. Training programs, updated regularly to comply with the changing legal climate, greatly helps in protecting your business’s best interests.

Compliance Training & Seminars

At the Law Offices of James M. Johnston, Jr. PLLC, our attorney offers thorough compliance seminars for franchisors. These seminars touch on important aspects of your business, including rules and regulations on advertising, trademark usage, misrepresentation, and disclosure matters.

We tailor our compliance programs to your needs and can schedule them based on your availability and the schedules of your employees. It is important that everyone who works for your franchise is well-trained and comply with all regulations.

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