JohnstonVanderpool wants your brewery, winery, or distillery to make excellent beverages, sell them well, and make a good profit.  Making a great product is only part of the gameplan.  We are here to help you win the title.  With our partners having over a combined 50 years of experience in business representation and six of those years with clients in the alcohol industry, we bring legal experience and expertise to your business.  From TABC compliance and licenses to making sure that your distribution agreement has the best terms for your business, we help get your deals done so that you can move on to the next award-winning brew, wine, or spirit. 


JohnstonVanderpool provides the full range of business formation products in a timely manner. We have formed all sorts of entities from Corporations to Limited Liability Companies in many different industries. We like to do these on a flat fee basis so that you know your costs upfront and can plan effectively. We know how to get your new company up and going as soon as possible, while at the same time making sure the operational documents fit your particular needs.


From hiring and incentivizing to separation, JohnstonVanderpool provides the services you need to keep your employment strategy optimized including employment contracts, employee handbooks, NLRB negotiations, and separation agreements. We can help with questions on wage and hour laws, reasonable accommodations, and protection of intellectual property. We work to understand your business and how you want your employees to fit into it.


JohnstonVanderpool guides you through the process of buying or selling a business. We talk to you about your goals and how to structure the transaction to best meet those goals.  We work hard to make sure the deal gets done and that there are no surprises.  We investigate the transaction and communicate to you your options so that you can make informed decisions.  We welcome any questions.  We understand that sometimes there are concerns beyond dollars and cents that you want taken into account.


Our mission is to facilitate you accomplishing your goals with no surprises in the shortest document that is effective.  From international software licensing agreements to equipment leases, service agreements to sales of brewery equipment, we have advised, edited, created and litigated all kinds of agreements.   With all the complex situations and agreements in the business world, we write our contracts so that they accomplish your goals, protect you, are understandable and are gotten to you within reasonable timeframes. Due to our litigation experience, we also write our agreements so that a judge or jury would clearly understand the rights and responsibilities of the parties.  If we are reviewing a contract that someone else has written, we look for hidden traps, missing essential items, unnecessary provisions, and make sure your objectives are addressed.  In the end we want you to know your risks and help you attain your goals.


We are not primarily a litigation firm.  We do have years of experience in litigation.  So, if the need arises and you are sued, we are ready to defend you, represent you in mediation, arbitration or litigation. If you are considering litigation, we can spend some time discussing the various potential outcomes and financial and emotional costs.  If the matter is outside our scope, then we have relationships with litigation firms and can assist you choosing one that fits your needs.  We have years of experience working with outside litigation counsel.  We work hard to make sure they are representing the client’s needs effectively without excessive billing.


Perhaps you are not quite large enough to hire a full-time general counsel or you just want to keep your costs down.  We are your outside general counsel.  Sometimes just a few minutes call with an attorney who understands you and your business, your goals and history, can mean the difference between a smooth transaction and a lawsuit.  You don’t know how many times we have had clients come to us after the deal is done and there are issues that we would have easily spotted and resolved prior to signing on the signature line. Now there is a big issue and possible litigation.  Spending a few minutes upfront with us can save you lots of time and heartache later.  So, from reviewing contracts, financing and due diligence to bouncing off a new idea, we are your easily accessible attorneys right down the virtual hallway.  Call, email or text and we will discuss your options and give you a comfort level on that next business step or new business journey.

If you would like to know more about our Flat Fee General Counsel Service, please click this link. 

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Below are some of the services we provide.  We have done and can do much more, so if you do not see it listed, call and we can discuss.