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Often times, the amount of experience someone brings to the table is as important as what they bring to the table.  The partners at JohnstonVanderpool bring over 50 years of experience as inside general counsel, outside general counsel and litigation attorneys in vast areas of business and franchising.  In our experience, the biggest client issues occur when they contact us after the event.  Once the deed is done, the best we can do most of the time is mitigate the damages.  We are excellent attorneys, but there are other excellent attorneys out there.  Once action has been taken we have limited options and will do our best.  But if we are consulted prior to action being taken, then we can usually prevent the occurrence of a major impact to the finances and operations of your business.  Sometimes a brief phone call to us can alert you to potential risks and traps in the direction you are considering.

Small to medium sized companies don’t always want or need the expense of a full-time general counsel.  And that expense can be very high if you want a top tier attorney with 20 plus years of experience.  That makes JohnstonVanderpool very attractive.  For a relatively small monthly fee, we are available to you on a daily basis as needed.  With the experience we have, we can be up to speed on your business in a short period of time and provide you with a trusted and experienced legal advisor.   While we are up for a good battle with a legal adversary, we feel we have done our client the best service when we avoid battles and prevent the wars.  We want you out there doing what you love, growing your business.  We believe that we thrive when you and your business thrives. 

Some of the General Counsel Services we provide:

  • Contract drafting and reviewing

  • Corporate governance and prevention of piercing the corporate veil

  • Strategic Corporate Structuring

  • Employment related: handbooks, contracts, discipline, termination, unions

  • Legal Risk analysis

  • Lease negotiating

  • Due diligence

  • Trademark and Intellectual Property protection

  • Local, State and Federal Regulatory compliance

  • Litigation Management

  • Responding to regulatory investigations

  • Responding to demand letters

Outside the box skills we bring to as Outside General Counsel

  • A can-do attitude ready to get things done.

  • High integrity and ethical standards

  • Crisis management and mitigation

  • A calming and relaxed presence

  • Breaking problems into multi-step solutions

  • An understanding of financial matters and processes

  • Experience in buying and selling businesses

  • Forecasting legal expenses

  • An understanding of what the judge or jury might do

  • An ability to communicate the costs other than financial to litigation

  • The ability to listen

  • The ability to think strategically and tactically

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